Vaginal bleeding when exercising

Spotting is a light bleeding caused by natural body functions, irritation, injury or an infection. It is not a rare condition as it happens to lots of women and is not necessarily unhealthy. The majority of women experience spotting during pregnancy, between periods and sometimes after a vaginal examination or sexual intercourse. And although it is not as common, a few women also experience spotting after intense physical exercise.
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Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding

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Vaginal or uterine bleeding - overview: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Q: Hello: I am a year-old female who started experiencing an odd problem last year. After doing a lot of treadmill work, I started constantly bleeding. I can tell it was coming from the vaginal area, so thought that somehow, running caused me to bleed. I stopped running for several months, then started again in May. I had no trouble -- I even did an 11 mile run last week -- until this past weekend. I did a 5K run and started having cramps during the race. The problem had returned.
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4 Ways Exercise Affects Your Period

There are many changes in your body that you can expect to happen when you start to exercise regularly. Here are the four most common effects exercise can have on your period. Regular exercise can cause subtle changes in your hormone levels, which can interfere with the cyclic buildup and shedding of your uterine lining. The lining of your uterus may respond to these mixed hormonal signals by randomly shedding, which causes breakthrough bleeding. Breakthrough bleeding is vaginal bleeding outside your regular period.
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In an ideal world, women would bleed out of their vaginas on a totally predictable schedule. Well, okay, not really, but you know what we mean—in a more ideal world. In reality, though, spotting and breakthrough bleeding is extremely common.
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