God damnit mother fucker put your hands up lyrics

You more diggy, me I'm more biggy no distant to the young one I'm just rapping get bored quickly Just to make your for that line More with me Join the game let the For these hores with me Run through their doors with me Hit the rist cut and for the night Leave a Two dight wallets change a nigga life right What up vanessa I love you one semester Thank to my professor I ball like uncle vester Thinking bout the ball I used to have above the dresser Have to shit I roll down I did it so now I got new dolls Plus my money and new ball Funny how my all eyes is suddenly my new hoe Caught it every chicks and she model she swallow So I only fuck with hatrix Bitches what a few goals Bitches what a few goals Niggas keep me how I feel Not even slightly interested in what I got a great purpose that I hate the purpose I'm a stack paper hustle than the relax later Certainly 'cause I'm brain change that's the way it's purpose Look how made em nervous Niggas is shaking I know they're faking Okay you were killing right Jamaican and

Grew Up Fast Lyrics

Eminem - Welcome to Detroit City :: Sasslantis

Bun B feat. E - Rep Yo City Ahh! Rep yo city! Rep yo cityyyy! Fuck that shit!

Lil Jon & Eastside Boyz - Bia' Bia' - Big Kap Lyrics

A In , rap group the N. Without any radio play or media coverage, the album still managed to become an underground hit, and the notorious rap group successfully introduced socially conscious gangsta rap into the mainstream. Upon its release, the album was predominantly well received by its audience and music critics.
This is the outsiders' rise Let the weak ones all die I am not your friend it's just me Not here for the hangs or the good times There is so much work to be done And my concern lies with none of you It's just me just me Just me just me And that's how it's supposed to be You're old news old news Old tunes old tunes Not going to follow your made up shit rules so go lose Where the hell is all the ethic? This has never been a joke to me Respect until disrespected Put my enemies in the ground Ridding all reputations Live and die by the anvil scream Hard work speaks plenty itself Once the mic's in my hands, you are all fucking doomed You're all doomed They say it's not about competition So why is there a knife at my throat? Your failure is a decision Someone's gotta stay on top and that fucker is me just me Just me just me Because that's how it's supposed to be You're old news old news Old tunes old tunes I'll make my own damn rules So to hell with you with you Fuck you fuck you You can dish but can't take poor you Someone's gotta stay on top of this shit show And I will make sure that motherfucker is me Kill 'em all, kill 'em all This is an execution, put them in the fucking ground This is an execution, you people are disposable I've said it before, this is survival of the fittest Long live the SPITE fucking cult, motherfucker I apologize for mastering my craft My mistake for putting all your jobs at stake Must be hard always being someone's bitch Remember your false entitlement when you open my stage I have no fucking boss; no one runs my show Myself over you lame ass motherfuckers, Stick your fat nose up at me, and I'll shove it up your fucking skull Know your fucking place!
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