Kick in the cunt lyrics

Yeah why you writing that shite? Put it down cunt Drop the pen don't write Put it down cunt Why you holding the mic? Put it down cunt Just put it down son just put it down cunt [x2] Scottish rap I like could count on one hand I'm so fed up you count on one man Well damn canny kick it I can-can With your Flintstones raps your all just bam bams Bam bam see you're a fucking cartoon Take my car in the town and run you cunts down Like crash see we roll in platoons We are crack on a track pure smack on the spoon Fucking right yeah and you cunts really need it Even when you free that's right I can read it I don't believe ya nah your just cheaters Aint got strips in the spot like cheetahs Love to meet ya blood I will bleed ya Have you cut up like a nice slice of pizza I need preach I teach like a preacher When I put it down get a kick in the ceesta' [Werd] Yeah why you writing that shite? Put it down cunt Just put it down son just put it down cunt [x2] [Wardie Burns] I took time at the table to add you up Now you're minus a leg so I stand you up See I divide emcees over six postcodes Leave your woman in the mail over six crossroads Put it down to death man I'm sounding fresh I want a pound of your flesh fuck house arrest Cunt I will note your name if we spoke the same Poke your brain a'l snap like a broke your chain Put it down cunt nah don't smoke the cain But people know Wardie the blokes insane I got mechanical arms I got mechanical legs I never bit the fucking dust I bit the apple instead See I spit the truth no a prolonged dancer Flash in the pan cunt your stone cold pasta So so-long bastards your no going faster I'm a nasty arse hole I'm colon cancer [Werd] Yeah why you writing that shite? Put it down cunt Just put it down son just put it down cunt [x2] [Werd] Verse two not me verses you I hang you out to dry like I'm meant to do Cunts hang on my lines yeah I bet they do So I had to take them down like a peg or two Ow oh how'd you like them apples? Werd is banana's you don't want the hassle To beef like cattle it goes unheard But if you want to get a licking then you know that's it's Werd I'm an ace when I serve get a plate when I serve I will take you out mate like a date like when I serve Fucking great when it's Werd But you hating on Werd?

Anal Cunt - You're Pregnant, So I Kicked You In The Stomach Lyrics


With a name like Cunt Torch, I don't expect to see these two Ohioan slammers playing to crowds of thousands, and that obscurity is what makes them and so many other satirical bands the real gems in the rocks. And in more recent times, I've seen a lot of new bands come onto my radar of underground-as-hell pun intended such as Hurakan and Mr. Bigglesworth, but Cunt Torch is the one that truly stood out to me. When it comes to catching attention, Cunt Torch have this down like they studied it.

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