The Green Man’s Fete: Calendark: The Infernal Almanac (anthology) – December 2017

The Black Birds of White Oaks: Afromyth: A Fantasy Collection (anthology) – November 2017

Fishing Lake Tanganyika: Afromyth: A Fantasy Collection (anthology) – November 2017

Reading Together: Daily Science Fiction – September 7, 2016

geefourdotalpha: Shoreline of Infinity – June 17, 2016

4 Drinks That Got Me Through The Apocalypse:  Theme of Absence – April 29, 2016 Interview

A Salve for the Soul (prose): Ink in Thirds – March 29, 2016 Interview

Unwanted Progress: (poem) The Quarterday Review – November 7, 2015

Whaur Kelpies Gallop (poem): The Quarterday Review – August 7, 2015

The Shadow of Coming Events: SF Comet – May, 2015

Shell County Vodou: Scenes From The Slave State (anthology) – April 26, 2015

The Maker (prose poem): Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry – April 3, 2015

A Story’s Genesis (poem): Pidgeonholes –  March 12, 2015


No longer available online:

Talking Ink: Word Riot – February 16, 2015

The Pursuit of non-Biological Compatibility: Indestructible Spec – March 29, 2016

These United States: Short Story Collection – October 26, 2016













One thought on “Publications

  1. I found your poem in Pidgeonholes and I loved it. I usually don’t like poetry, sometimes it sounds like the breaks of each line are arbitrary. On your poem they made total sense. I think is a beautiful text and every time I read it I appreciate just how well the words fit next to each other.

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