Every which way but sunday

They are, in chronological order of appearance, "six ways for Sunday," "six ways from Sunday," "forty ways from Sunday," and ""six ways to Sunday. D[rugget, to her husband]. Well, but my dear, we must indulge the girls now and then; I'm sure you can afford it very well. For my part, if it hadn't been for that awkward Phil. Dowlas, that stumbled agen Bill's elbow, and knocked the things off of the waiter, I think it would have been a very pleasant time. Yes, the careless, good for nothing feller, he's always looking about six ways for Sunday, when he's walking—I wish he'd stay at home and his sisters too.
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phrases - What is the meaning of "six ways from Sunday"? - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

Post 4 This phrase came about as punishment for not going to church on Sunday. The punishment was six different types of punishments to make sure they did go to church on Sunday. SteamLouis Post 3 turkay Yea, "every which way" is a synonym of "six ways to Sunday" and can pretty much be used interchangeably. There really are many different variations to it.
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Every Which Way but Sunday

Not only that, the person was thorough in his or her pursuit of a solution or answer to the problem. It read in part: No effective obstacle to this scheme was visible anywhere prior to the loss of President Kennedy. This was the case although the hot-eyed Goldwaterites were in a decided minority among Connecticut Republicans, who generally lean to the progressive side. The party as a whole was and still is split seven ways to Sunday, principally by the feud between the former and present chairmen, Edwin May and Searle Pinney. Besides being divided among themselves, even those Republicans who were most certain Goldwater would be poison in Connecticut were also certain no one could beat a Kennedy-led ticket here.
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