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Pornography Studies

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(PDF) Pornography: An Ethical Analysis (PressCopy Version) | Shivraj Mahendra -

As I thought over and over; I came to believe that pornography and the sexualized culture in general, plays a huge part in our everyday lives. Sex sells in fact; the magazines, commercials, TV shows, movies, and pornography; they all sell sex, and their consumers buy sex. It is amazing how we came to this point from an era; the Victorian age, where sex and sexuality were hidden, carrying a burden of shame; and where sex was an activity that was reduced to the heterosexual, married couple. Freed from its biological reproductive role; sex is now a psychological activity that expresses love, passion and desire. Pornography is one of the visual expressions of sex and sexuality, but becoming widespread as globalization and new technologies appear. Pornography has also been a very crucial, debated issue amongst feminists since it brings up questions about body, sexuality, power, inferiority and oppression. The aim of this paper is to answer the question of whether pornography is degrading or liberating.
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This essay offers a systematic analysis of the merits and demerits of pornography from a Christian ethical perspective and suggests possible solutions. The challenges of pornography call for serious response. Key Words: Ancient India, child pornography, Christian ethics, deontological ethics, erotica, ethics, global, human sexuality, internet, Kama Sutra, Lambeth Conference, market-driven industry, Penal Code, perversion, pornography, prostitution, Puranas, Ramayana, relational, response, responsibility, sexual violence, shame, teleological ethics, Upanishadas.
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Pornography is very sensitive issue which has recently become very popular especially among liberal, conservatives and even feminist movements. What does the word pornography really means? Although pornography is harmless, educates viewers on techniques for having a sexual relationship, and helps to bring profits in businesses, it also should be restricted by law due to certain adverse effects for the individuals in society. Pornography helps us to free ourselves from the abstinent attitudes about sex that have long dominated our society.
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