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Emo Girl unknown Emo Girl An emo girl is a girl who likes to dress in emo fashion, has an emo tional personality and listens to emo music. Such as Bright Eyes. Emo girls like to hang out with other emo girls and emo boys. They are usually sad most of the time, do not smile very often, and just like emo boys, show no signs of self worth or self confidence whatsoever and will not make eye contact with you.
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Be prepared to deal with parents and teachers, too. Never forget your roots and where the "emo" term came from. You wouldn't be part of the subculture if it weren't for Ian Mackaye and Guy Picciotto. Listen to emo music. It's the most important of being "emo". Do not do anything you don't want to do because "it's emo".
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Emo chick unknown Emo chicks are girls trying to rebel against pop culture and be different. Usually they claim their lives suck, but mostly their middle-class kids and their lives are actually pretty good. In a way, ther are sort-of a breed of individualists. The purpose is rebelling against the popular society, and as said before, namely pop culture. Emo chicks are perpetually attracted to emo guys.
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Characteristics The emo band Hawthorne Heights in Emo originated in hardcore punk [1] [2] and is considered a form of post-hardcore. That is, punk that wears its heart on its sleeve and tries a little tenderness to leaven its sonic attack. If it helps, imagine Ricky Nelson singing in the Sex Pistols.
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