27th September

Time for the monthly update.

I need to change the monthly update.

Really, it needs to be more frequent, but I’m not sure it’ll happen.

I had a great holiday this month, 2 weeks right next to the beach, swimming in the sea every day, shooting the breeze with family and friends, reading, & writing. Now I’m having a clear-out at home, and putting a bunch of stuff on eBay & Gumtree & the like.

On the writing front I had a disaster yesterday. My son has a 2 hour class twice a week about 20 miles away. Just far enough to justify staying and waiting ¬†instead of driving back and forth. On Thursday I found a terrific coffee shop and spent two hour writing. It was some of the most beautiful prose I’ve ever written, lyrical, soulful, honest. I worked on it some more over the weekend and had about 2k words.

I didn’t save it.

Not sure how, I thought Scrivener kept the last item for you. But I’m not blaming Scrivener, it’s my bad.

It threw me somewhat when I sat to write in the same coffee shop yesterday.


However, I wrote. The story is back up to the same place plot wise, but 900 words shorter. Wouldn’t you know it, it’s all the really soul revealing stuff that’s gone. Some of it I just don’t remember, other parts I don’t see how they belonged in the story. I’ll need to find somewhere else for them to go.

On the upside, the first part of the story has already received a¬†‘kill your darlings’ edit. Silver linings, silver linings.

On other writing related things, I joined a group for people who self publish, and it kind of worries me. Some writers are putting out an enormous amount of words at incredible speed. I’m wary of reading any of it because it’s either terrific, and my confidence can’t take that right now, or it’s poor, and I don’t want to read that.

I’m definitely going to SP some things, but I can’t see me doing it at the rate many in the group are. For a start my first drafts are always stinky slimy things, with massive amounts of typos and huge plot holes.

And with that, I’m away to take my multi-vitamins, beetroot tablets, & anti-depressants.



7th February

3526 words for the first week of February. Not the massive start I hoped for, but I lost one day to being out, and another to inertia.

I’ve also had two stories this week that I queried. One was rejected five days before my query, the other had never arrived at the target market.

There’s no clear way of explaining what has happened in these cases, I’d just say, keep good track of your subs.

January 25th

Today I wrote 628 words, and finished a story.

The story is 3,049 words long. To be ready for submission it needs to be 2000 at most. Derp.

Ho hum. Main thing is ‘I finished a story.’ which is pretty genius for me right now.

Other things:

I read back over some of last years entries. The ones I like most were the ones that went of on something not related to writing. I intend to restart that tomorrow. The subject? We’ll start with ‘White Oscars’ and go from there.

See you then.