November 30

The last missive from these quarters told of a pending move to Cornwall. Said move has now occurred. What a month.

There’s still loads to do in the house, which¬†will take time to work through (and money) but already the move has been worth it. The house overlooks the lake and I have already got plans for a small table and chair at the end of the bed where I can sit and write with the window wide open so I can hear the gulls, smell the sea (which is at the end of the lake), watch the villagers going to and fro, feel the wind on my bare arms.

As for writing, I haven’t done much. Moving proved a burden to great to bear. That’s fine, writing isn’t my job, caring for the family is. We all got moved safe and sound, so that’s a success in the necessary areas.

But now, time to start carving out time to write. Currently I’m looking at a slot of 9-11pm (which will knock out my sitting by the open window plan). And I want to work on the novel I have started. For December I probably will concentrate on planning the writing structure, deciding on key plot points, fleshing out character sketches, etc.

I also want to plan a couple of stores for anthologies that are opening in January. One of them already has an idea floating around, the other remains a tabula rasa a this point.

There is also a plan to return to a set amount of daily writing for 2016. This year has not been as productive as I wished and I have definitely lost the writing rhythm which I had in 2014. If I can work that 9-11 writing slot I think a plan of one hour writing, one hour editing previous work would be a sensible plan. And I need to learn to edit to death, because for my novel I will be utilizing the services of an editor, and need to not have her wasting time, even if I am paying for it.

Next month I will do a little round up of the year, do a little bit of bragging etc.