31 August

Jen DeLuca nominated me for the 7*7*7*7 challenge (read Jen’s here).

The rules are: Go to the seventh line of the seventh page of a current WIP, then post the next seven lines and tag seven more authors to do the same.

Now, the first bit of that near stumped me. What is my WIP? I have several projects on the go, some of them languishing in a limbo of either ‘I’m not sure I can write this how I want to’ or ‘I’m not sure I care enough about this to write any more’.

So I made a choice and these are from my novelette with a working title of Epecuén:

“He’s a country boy who sees a hundred city girls a year. I’m sure you were special last year. Odette, dear…” she left the sentence unfinished, banging the dough and raising a small puff of flour. “Let’s get this bread proving, and then we should put the chicken in the oven.”
That was the only time Odette spoke to either of her parents about the matter.

Now to tag seven other writers…


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