August 30th

What to say when there’s nothing to say?

Three weeks ago seems a long time, and in the interim I have written little. A sonnet which needs polishing, a story which needs a finish and then consigned to a bin and forgotten about – it really is pretty poor, and not near to the submission call which inspired it.

I’m struggling with the writing thing. I still have things to write, but am unsure I can find a market for my style. I have readers who tell me ‘I like what you write, please keep going’ but it’s more difficult to find editors who agree. What to do? What to do?

I could SP. Slap my stuff out and demand an audience. Problem is, I’m not sure it’s the best I can do. If it’s not the best, why do it?

Leave me be for a week or so, I’ll figure something out and then it’ll be a whole new shiny beginning.

Which brings me to the real subject of the post: Rape.

Can you think of an uglier word? There are three things that have lifted this into the post. Firstly is Chris Hynde’s comments on both her rape, and the act in general. The second is a game which led to Exploding Rogue removing it’s main sales platform. The third is China Miéville, specifically his novel Perdido Street Station.

In Perdido Street Station on of the secondary characters has had his wings removed. Late in the book we discover that it was because he ‘took away the choice’ of someone. I have never heard rape expressed better. Taking away the choice. Taking away the right of self expression. Of Self.

Rape is abhorrent, and act of violence, of abuse.

So a game predicated on the act is so far beyond the pale, I can’t imagine how it gets past any type of censor.

Which brings me to Chrissie Hynde. It’s an unusual act to choose responsibility for being raped. Because rape is the responsibility of the aggressor/s. Coming across a naked, nubile, unconscious, female would not induce me to engage in congress. That would be rape. Disgusting, anathema. Would that all men share my view. Does this make Chrissie a rape apologist?

She clearly thinks not. Others think yes. The truth is somewhere between. It should be the case that a person can wander around in whatever state they desire and not be molested or abused. Sadly it isn’t the case. There are degrees of exposure to danger that we place ourselves in, and the higher the degree of exposure, the greater the chance of us experiencing damage. For example, I place my car in the drive, remove the keys, and lock it. I am not surprised it is not stolen in the morning. Should I leave it with unlocked doors and keys in the ignition in the high street I would be less surprised if it was stolen. This is an horrifically crude comparison, but it is essentially the one Chrissie Hynde uses. She likens herself to that second car. Is there any question that a crime was committed, once which should not? NO. But she does admit that she left herself more open to it.  To be clear, I do not think that she deserved to be raped. No one does. Ever.

It’s difficult. I’m a six foot four inch tall straight white male. I’ve never felt sexually threatened (intimidated by many women, but never threatened). I see Facebook and Twitter friends who are harassed and/or threatened purely on the basis of their gender and/or sexuality and it is not something I experience. That doesn’t mean I can’t have views. Or that mine are right or wrong. they’re just mine. They aren’t difficult views to comprehend. No one should be raped. Rapists are responsible for their actions, no one else. There are situations where the likelihood of rape is heightened, not being in those positions is a protection.

I’d quite happily assign castration as the punishment for all rapists.

Taking away another’s choice is pretty much the ultimate cruelty. A foul and vicious attack, especially where the victim is left accused of guilt. That needs to stop. I’ve started with me. I’m working on making sure my son is the next.