August 10th

Long time no blog.

Last month I got a little involved in a writing project and this month has been hectic. I finished my Rough Edges anthology submission and sent it off, it rounded of at about 12,500 words.

This month I have not done a huge amount of writing (mainly because I let the better half have the laptop while she was away last week).

I’m buckling up for a submission to Sirens. But having seen the quality of work in Corvidae it’ll be a tough make. I was thinking about the submission I sent for Corvidae. It was a good story, but man it was the wrong story. I should have sent the story about the crows feasting on Prometheus and gaining the power to shift shape. It doesn’t mean the story would have got in, but it would certainly have been a better fit.

Learning to write is a fun exercise. Sometimes I wish I was more methodical about it, but it is a hobby not a job, and a hobby I have to balance between my full time role as carer, educator, father, & husband. Currently I’m trying to edit up some pieces I wrote last year. Seeing the way my writing has changed is interesting. It will continue to change.

This month has been a successful one for me.

First I won the May SFComet story competition with my story ‘The Shadow of Coming Events’, then The Quarterday Review was launched, containing my villanelle ‘Whaur Selkies Gallop’, and From The Darkest Corners selected my poem ‘The Crossing to Freedom’s Shore’ to represent the week’s prompt.

Not a fantastic blog post. Sorry.

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