7th July

I set to write this evening. I had decided to continue the thread from the previous two nights work. The words hovered in my forebrain. They weren’t anxious to be released, but they were mostly willing. Still, something held me in check. Was it tiredness? No. Sobriety? Maybe, so I added wine. No, not sobriety. Intoxication? After a glass of wine? Please!

So what, why?

I’ve said a couple of times the story is trying to be a romance. What I wrote over the last two days absolutely turned it into that. But I don’t write romance. i write, well, stuff. SciFi, SpecFic, Fantasy, Other (It ain’t literary, just life), Erotic (no, you can’t read that). Romance, to submit? Not my oeuvre.

So I reached out to Margaret Locke. She applauded my desire to run with the story that was trying to come out, and gave a few suggestions (including a resource).

I’ve decided to take today, and possibly tomorrow, off. Possibly. What I want to do is consider the 4k words so far written. juggle them into an order for the story trying to be written, and sketch out further direction.

So, I’ll be mainly on FB & Twitter tonight, watching Hannibal, drinking wine, and wondering what I’m writing.

coda – I finished with 629 words for the evening, 4665 for the first 7 days. Speak to you in a day or so.