1st July

Happy Canada Day & Epecuén

How nice are Canadians?

Anyway, on Epecuén I wrote 710 words today. That was not a single section, but rather two very different ones. Neither of them may end up in the final draft.

But the key thing is, July 1st – 710 words. Keep that up and it gives me about 22k words for the month. Beezer.

I still don’t know exactly where this story is going. I started with a definite idea, and it’s morphed into a love story – which I really like. So, I’ll see how it goes. I would have written more today, but I needed to do some research and wow, am I glad I did, because I found the way to link my original idea, and the love story together.

There is a legend of how Epecuén came into existence, and why it is so salty. Tomorrow I intend to sketch out some ideas on linking things together.