11th July

…and a day or two becomes four. How does that happen?

Stuff, life, exhaust falling of the car.

And I have an admission to make. I haven’t written anything Epecuén related since the 7th. I’ve thought about it a lot, and looked at where the structure is at and where it can go. It’s a great story with a lot of heart and soul and I want to do it justice, so I’ve taken another step back.

And into the void I have placed a new story (which is for the Rough Edges anthology). It’s a departure for me. Romance not being my oeuvre, but with the way Epecuén is proceeding I was emboldened. It’s actually been fun to write so far. I have dropped the story into an Alt.Hist Steampunk universe I have written in already. That story needs a re-write for pacing and tension, but is to be part of a trilogy. With the addition of this piece it looks like a trilogy plus one entwined story – not quite a full quadrilogy.

I’m also writing the story in a way that is new to me. The ideas for key points came quite quickly and I have the scenes in mind. What I’m doing is writing out those extended pivotal scenes, and then I’ll stitch them together. It’s more like making a granny square blanket, well, maybe a cushion cover instead of a blanket.

On that story I’ve written 2818, and another 300 on Flash! Friday Fiction so I’m on 7783 for the month. Still averaging a little over 700 for the day.

7th July

I set to write this evening. I had decided to continue the thread from the previous two nights work. The words hovered in my forebrain. They weren’t anxious to be released, but they were mostly willing. Still, something held me in check. Was it tiredness? No. Sobriety? Maybe, so I added wine. No, not sobriety. Intoxication? After a glass of wine? Please!

So what, why?

I’ve said a couple of times the story is trying to be a romance. What I wrote over the last two days absolutely turned it into that. But I don’t write romance. i write, well, stuff. SciFi, SpecFic, Fantasy, Other (It ain’t literary, just life), Erotic (no, you can’t read that). Romance, to submit? Not my oeuvre.

So I reached out to Margaret Locke. She applauded my desire to run with the story that was trying to come out, and gave a few suggestions (including a resource).

I’ve decided to take today, and possibly tomorrow, off. Possibly. What I want to do is consider the 4k words so far written. juggle them into an order for the story trying to be written, and sketch out further direction.

So, I’ll be mainly on FB & Twitter tonight, watching Hannibal, drinking wine, and wondering what I’m writing.

coda – I finished with 629 words for the evening, 4665 for the first 7 days. Speak to you in a day or so.

6th July

I’ve really got to star doing this earlier on the day, or more sensibly do updates the following day.

Anyway, 517 for the day, 4036 for the month.

The story is just getting more sweet YA romance all the time. I’m confused.

5th July

Cool. 1024 words in a little over two hours. For me that is Speedy Gonzales.

That’s it. I’m going to bed.

Tomorrow I intend to do the minimum, because I have two critiques to do – one of them is egregiously late.

I also remembered to do the judging for NOT3LineThursday. You can see the result, and all the entries, HERE.

4th July

The treatment I had yesterday wiped me out today. This afternoon I lay on the couch and by turn watched tennis, snored, woke myself snoring, watched tennis, was woken by the dog barking, and snored. It was the sleep of a body requiring oblivion as a means of rest. when I finally got a complete hour it worked the primal magic that sleep on the level of stage two or three manages. Extremely deep. On waking I was unsure of time or day.

What has this to do with writing? Yesterday I sketched out a plan of action for my story. I have split it into seven sections – four of these tell the story of Odette, and her doomed love affair with Remigio, the other three are infill chapters which tell the tale a traditional tale of how the salty lake came to exist.

As with yesterday it was a day where not writing was the easier option. I demurred, and added another 570 words to the tapestry of this tale. So far it is all based around Odette. It is also a dedicated attempt to write emotional content. As someone with Aspergers a lack of emotion is a something I hear about my writing on many occasions. When I read the pieces back I see where the feeling is, but they are on a level other than that which a majority of the populace operate. So, I’m endeavoring to explain more of the characters internal world, what they feel and think, and why.

I like that I now have a clear idea of what is happening with the story, and why. How it deviates from that will be a different matter, but I’ll cross that bridge as I come to it.

3rd July

Had to make a concerted effort to get Epecuén writing achieved today. Between car issues, treatments, family visits, & driving it would have been easy to write it off and justify it with ‘I got the structure of the story sorted out, that’ll do’. But I refused to give in to that temptation, so just before 23:30 hrs I finished on the story for the day with a credible 575 words.

Now I have to hustle to finish my Flash! Friday story completed (and a 2nd if I can). That’ll be another 4-500 words for the day.

Happily knackered.

2nd July

I hit 627 words today. The story is resolutely refusing to shift from being a tender coming of age love story set against a backdrop of an impending flood and recent political upheaval – which all sound very worthy, but this is me so, less so.

Tomorrow I will have a good clear spell where I hope to sit with a pad and pen and doodle my way to a coherent through line for this story. Right now there are too many options and they all want to spiral off into their own mini-epic.

I must stay on target. A completed first draft by the end of the month! I’m currently sitting with 2k words, but they aren’t all in a straight line.

1st July

Happy Canada Day & Epecuén

How nice are Canadians?

Anyway, on Epecuén I wrote 710 words today. That was not a single section, but rather two very different ones. Neither of them may end up in the final draft.

But the key thing is, July 1st – 710 words. Keep that up and it gives me about 22k words for the month. Beezer.

I still don’t know exactly where this story is going. I started with a definite idea, and it’s morphed into a love story – which I really like. So, I’ll see how it goes. I would have written more today, but I needed to do some research and wow, am I glad I did, because I found the way to link my original idea, and the love story together.

There is a legend of how Epecuén came into existence, and why it is so salty. Tomorrow I intend to sketch out some ideas on linking things together.