June 30th

On Epicuén & Corvidae

So, June draws stickily to a close. July commences. From tomorrow I will be writing 500 words a day minimum during the month. Some days will be more, but at least 500. For 31 days I can do that. And they are all going to be on a story based around Epicuén.

The couple of weeks where I left this alone have been beneficial. Firstly, I have a writing groove back, even if I’m not loving the prose being written. It’s also allowed time for ideas to percolate without the forebrain being all stressed and bolshy about producing something NOW!

I’ve had a couple of great ideas provided on areas to take the story, and I have thoughts on how to implement them. With a story that will probably end up 15-20k it may be a struggle to find a publisher, but that hasn’t stopped me writing anything so far :D:D.

One example is the story ‘The Black Birds of White Oaks’. I wrote this story to submit to Rhonda Parrish‘s Corvidae anthology. It didn’t make the cut, and is still languishing dispirited in my revision pile (mainly because I have a version which adds about 5k to the present, and haven’t got round to working on it).

Rhonda‘s book baby, and it’s sibling, Scarecrow (the story I submitted for that one ended up so off topic I later apologized for sending it in – it’s just had another reject, and I’m tweaking the ending before sending out again.) are due very, very, soon. As you see from her blog post Rhonda is looking for reviewers or blog-hoppers or, well, anyone willing to help share the word. I’m looking forward to reading them.

See you tomorrow, after my first 500+ words of July.