9th June

‘When The Water Came To Epecuén’

I was watching films of Danny MacAskill doing outrageous things on a bike when I came across his trip to Epecuén. Not having a story in serious development at the moment (yes, plenty needing redeveloped – different issue) it resonated with me. The location (Argentina), the history (excess flooding and a seiche), the pictures. Ideas began to percolate, and I’m excited by it. I don’t know what the story is, or how long it will be, or anything else, but I’ve decided to share the process here. Below are my initial workings on the story. Some, none, or all of the below may end up in the story, but they are the starting point.

If anyone would like to be involved in the development of the story (that is, read early drafts and suggest changes to plot/character/setting etc) then please contact me – but only if you really think you want to be hands on in the rough and early drafts of a story that may take months to come to fruition.

‘When The Water Came To Epecuén’

Inspiration – http://epecuen.redbull.com/thedocumentary

Characters principal:
name – meaning
F1 Odette – Rich
M1 Remigio – Oarsman
M2 Xaviére – Owner of the new house
Faded family glory
Failing love

SpecF elements:
referencing BladeRunner? – all rain, final scene is sunshine – possibility of false memory. referencing Broges? –  a labyrinth to dryness; a false mirror; a preserved library. The non-dead city?

Visuals – dead trees; still water; rain; broken concrete; rusted metal; perfectly preserved oddities (library?)

Smells – Brine; mud; burning wood

Sounds – wind; rain on different surfaces; whistling; footsteps; creaks that could be groans

Taste – salt; damp paper

Texture – mud in clothing; dampness; rough concrete; pitted metal

Emotions – fear; sorrow; loss; hope; disappointment; contentment