April 1st

I have only one writing project on the go. There are several in back burners, but only one in production as it were. It’s a story of a woman who will do what she needs to do to protect her family. With that as a strap-line I’m almost falling asleep, and I’m the one writing it. I hope the finished product, with it’s evocative location, cat-sized bees, and hopefully disturbing twist towards the end will help secure it a place in it’s intended home. We’ll see. It may just not shimmer¬†enough.

I do have a story recently (just before midnight yesterday) completed. This is a flash piece of about 1200 words, and came about when Frances tweeted about Smells in the Snow. It sounded to good a prompt to miss. Frances has also completed a story and Mark was also joining in – though he has been crazy busy whipping into shape a submission to the Crossed Genres Novelette call.

As ever my writing week has been filled with flash prompts. A couple of entries have garnered nice comments and special mentions, but a win remains elusive. But then, I am going up against some phenomenally talented writers. A by product of the flash entries was joining in #PoemCrawl on 28th March. What a great time. A new prompt every fifteen minutes or so, then the twitterverse, at least the portion using #PoemCrawl, lit up.

I’m unsure what April will bring. Apart from a meet up with my own personal writing guru, who happens to be in Edinburgh for a while. And my prose poem The Maker being the first story by E&GJ‘s new imprint Zetetic.