March 25th

I’ve been hiding.

Not from anyone other than myself.

I’ve been hiding.

It’s not an unusual situation. I like to hide. From cover you can see the world around you, but sometimes… well.

However, this time there has been an impact which I need to reveal, in the context of honesty as a writer.

I have been a senior reader with Spark: A Creative Anthology for a while. It’s a role I have enjoyed. My role has involved assigning stories out to writers and, in the recent submission hiatus, encouraging fellow readers to work through the backlog that had built up. It has been a fantastic privilege. But sometimes privileges must be rescinded. As I have rescinded mine.

Woking with Brian, George, Kayla, & latterly, Anne, has been a privilege.

Brian’s vision is wondrous. Choosing to accept new writers, to develop them, and to allow them a place in print is terrific and I applaud it. In George, Spark has a writer liaison of almost magical qualities. His commitment to providing feedback to submitters who miss the grade deserves to be legendary. Kayla & Anne & more recent additions to the team, and I have enjoyed working with them as we fought to reach the levels that Brain and George have reached, and strive to maintain.

Sadly, I have realized I am not in a position to maintain my role. I can not commit to the time required to maintain the role I assumed. As such, I have stepped down. I intend to continue as a first reader, some of the writing is achingly wonderful, while at the same time allowing myself time to deal with life as it is happening.

Part of that life is my writing.

Since October I have found writing tough, Flash stories has kept me going. I need to be doing more. Note the word need? I need to write, to finish stories.

I look forward to continuing as a first reader with Spark. I look forward to writing more myself.