January 30th

Thank you 

Today I owe three bloggers a thank you.

Alissa Leonard – her blog.

Natalie Bowers – her blog.

Rebekah Postupak – her blog.

Why? Well, I decided to hijack their flash competitions to engage in an experiment. Could I write a single story, split up over three flash challenges. Now, very rudely, I did not ask these bloggers if they were willing to be used in such a way. Sorry.

I finished the challenge. I’m left with four not quite satisfactory flash stories – three shorter ones, and the final one. But that is fine. That longer one has a nice shape to work with. It also opened up a new direction for my steampunk(ish) city Sar-Chona. I’ve given it a revolution. That was not an anticipated thing. But now it has happened, I look forward to investigating it further.

There was something else nice that happened this week. Last year I feverishly wrote a story for submission to an anthology. It was another Sar-Chona story, and the editor rejected my submission. I was looking over it to submit elsewhere this week, after coincidentally reading an update on that anthology. Wow, did my story miss the anthology call! It wasn’t intentional. When the story started the initial idea would have been fine – then it morphed into something entirely different. I was so wrapped up in the story, and of course I was writing it for this ancho call, that I just lost how far off it ended up.

So, on realizing this, I dropped the editor a line to apologize for the egregious miss. Well knock me down, she went and re-read the submission and complimented me on the world-building. On top of that, I’m to drop her a line when I place it, and she’ll give a shout out. So, that’s lovely.