January 9th

I’ve signed up to a class.

Cat Rambo, amongst all her other activities, manages to run classes for aspiring writers – with a focus on short story SF.  Fortunately the time difference is enough that what for her is an early(ish) start, is for me an early evening. So for the next six Saturday evenings at 6pm I’ll be headphones on and into cyberspace.

After my last post I had a lovely response and already have three people who have said, ‘Yes, we’ll help with your short story collection.’ A couple of them have already signed into the Slack channel I’ve set up. I chose the ten stories that I want to be in this first volume. At present that is about 35k words. I know at least two of the stories need extensive revision, and possibly extending, so the final tally will probably be up near 40k.

As part of the project I’d like to include either photos, or art rendered from photos. I have someone who will be doing the graphic work for me, but I don’t have the photographs. I’ll put a list of what sort of thing I’m looking for below (and what states) if you feel that you can help, let me know. Any picture must be yours, and you must be willing to allow me to use it. Anyone who does this will be credited in the final publication.

Now, I’ve done a story for Flash! Friday (see also the dedicated page), and I have one underway for The First Line. #amwriting

These United States Volume One:

State & picture desired NB the picture must be taken in the state.

Alabama – Any small town street scene.

Arkansas – The Lumberyard, Eureka Springs – or a shot of a ‘Welcome to Eureka Springs’ sign.

California – San Diego. Somewhere around the 900’s on 1st Avenue.

Delaware – Open countryside, preferably with a river.

Iowa – The State Fair.

Kansas – Somewhere pretty in Topeka, or Milford Lake.

Maryland – The Letelier and Moffit memorial on Sheridan Circle, D.C.

Minnesotta – A shot of Minneapolis showing the Wells Fargo Center & Capella Tower.

Montana – A view of Missoula.

South Carolina – A cabin by a lake.

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