January 7th

In Search of a Posse

I got my laptop back today (I love my lil macair). Tomorrow I will back up all the writing I was worried about losing.

Part of the work I almost lost was thirteen complete, or near to complete, stories in a cycle I am writing – one story for each US state. I had hoped to have a first volume of ten stories released in 2014. That didn’t happen. Mainly because I realized how much I needed to learn about the art & skill of writing (I’m still learning, but much better – imo).

I fully intend to have that volume out by summer/autumn (fall?) 2015.

I need help.

Can you help? Would you like to know more? (points for knowing the Paul Verhoeven movie)

What help? Well, I have my graphic artist/cover designer sorted. But I need help with the writing. I need people willing to tell me what isn’t working, and why. I need people willing to do the final line edits and pick out where i failed to see its, instead of it’s. I need United State of America citizens to call me out for where I leave Britishisms in (I got the basics. Y’know, billfold, trunk, pants, etc).

What is in it for the volunteers, the posse? Because, I’ll be honest, I can’t pay. You can use it for your resumé. I will provide a mutually agreed endorsement for the platform of your choice. You will be listed in the book, alongside your role (and I’ll be paying for an ISBN). I’ll also provide you with a personal, and individually exquisite, gift (which is yet to be decided, or even formulated).

I’d love to do this whole thing by myself. But I can’t. I’m a terrible proof-reader. I get so stuck on what the story is inside my head, I have difficulty seeing it as a non-me reader. These are the roles that require a posse.

The intention is to have a common work-group site (I recently was introduced to Slack – it’s great for this). I’d put all the stories up in their current state, but choose one to work on at a time. I’ll be honest, the story styles are eclectic. There’s some speculative fiction, some historical, a suicide story, an alien invasion story, a fetus in a jar story, and one with faerie folk and vampires (that one’s unfinished atm).

I’d love to hear from you.

Come be part of a great project, come read some great stories, come help a schmuck. Please.

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